Have you been a victim of a hate crime or a bias incident?

The Coalition Against Hate Crimes is collecting information about hate activity in the state of Oregon for an annual state-wide report. Have you been a victim of any off the following while in Oregon?
1) Hate Crime: Oregon law defines hate crime as illegal acts committed by a person or persons against another “because of the actor’s perception of that person’s race, color, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.” (For example, an assault motivated by a bias toward the victim’s race). Oregon hate crime law also prohibits offensive physical contact motivated by the above biases. (For example, physical harassment motivated by the victim’s sexual orientation). Finally, Oregon law prohibits the desecration of religious objects and places of worship. (For example, the vandalism of a church).
2) Bias incident: A bias incident is defined as conduct, speech, or expression that is motivated by bias or prejudice towards a group of people. A bias incident does not involve any actual crime and often may not involve a clear violation of state or federal law. Bias incidents are typically behavior protected by the First Amendment. Bias incidents can include neo-nazi rallies, racist fliers distributed in lawns, and hateful speech.
3) Civil Rights Violation: Civil rights violations include any attempt made to prevent individuals from exercising their Constitutional rights based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national origin. This includes the right to vote, travel, engage in commerce, and live in a residence. An example would be housing discrimination based on a person’s race.

Whether or not you reported this incident to authorities, we would like to include it in our database. If you are not sure if the event fits the definitions above, please report it and we will try to determine whether or not it qualifies. We can also help you connect to resources that can help you if you would like to further pursue the case.
Please include the approximate date, location and a brief description of what happened. All reports will be kept confidential by the CAHC.

Contact CAHC Chair Dr. Randy Blazak at blazakr@gmail.com


  1. A hate crime should first be reported to local police. If it is an emergency situation, call 999. Many cities, including Portland, have a dedicated bias crime detective who will investigate the case. Local and county law enforcement contacts include the list below. (For a complete list of contacts to Oregon police departments, please click this link.)

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-6-32-43-pm2. Hate crimes can also be anonymously reported to the Oregon Department of Justice at the following website: HATE CRIME REPORT FORM

3. Crimes that fit the federal definition of hate crime under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 should be reported to the FBI Portland Division at (503) 224- 4181.

4. Civil right offenses should be reported to the one of the three Oregon U.S. Attorney’s offices; Portland (503) 727-1000, Eugene (541) 465-6771, Medford (541) 776-3564.

5. Criminal and suspicious behavior of terroristic, bias-motivated nature or hate crimes that involve interstate threats (such as on the internet) should be reported to the Portland Office of the FBI at (503) 224-4181 or emailed to: portland@ic.fbi.gov

If you are unsure where to direct your concern or are interested in other resources, please email Dr. Randy Blazak of the CAHC at blazakr@gmail.com.