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Saturday! Jan. 16 to Rally at City Hall #Stand for Love #Interrupt Hate — January 13, 2016

Saturday! Jan. 16 to Rally at City Hall #Stand for Love #Interrupt Hate

From the Center for Intercultural Organizing:


WHAT:  Rally to #Stand for Love #Interrupt Hate 

DATE:  Saturday, January 16th 

TIME:  1 pm 

PLACE: Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave #110, Portland, OR 97204

We are parents, grandparents, neighbors, caregivers and friends and we reject the hateful rhetoric targeting Muslims, black people, immigrants, refugees, women, Latinos, Arabs, Jews, LGBTQ communities (and on and on)! Those messages of hate do not represent us or the hundreds of thousands of Oregonians who call this state home. We want to show every community in this City that we will stand up for love and interrupt the hate.

Join us, your neighbors and friends, as we gather together at Portland City Hall on Saturday, January 16th at 1 pm, to show up for the communities being targeted and to send out a new message that hate doesn’t belong here—only love and respect does.

We will be hosting a rally with speakers from the communities who have been targeted and those who stand in solidarity with them – along with other local civil rights leaders. This event will be followed by a peaceful public demonstration that will show the whole city that we stand together for love, inclusion and respect.

Invite your families, neighbors, and friends to come out too!