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Let’s take care of our Muslim neighbors — December 8, 2015

Let’s take care of our Muslim neighbors


In this time of elevated Islamophobia, I ask the members of the CAHC and the larger community to be extra supportive of our Muslim friends, neighbors and work colleagues. We know that hate crimes are correlated with bigoted rhetoric in the mainstream.

Severed pig’s head thrown at Philadelphia mosque door

Others, including Sikhs, Arabic Christians, and Persians may also become targets of this new wave of hate. Let’s be clear that we do not stand with the perpetrators of such actions and hateful speech. We also know that victimized communities have elevated levels of fear, anxiety and social withdrawal. This is the time to check in on the members of the community and make sure they are OK and let them know we are united against this un-American xenophobia.

If you are a victim of an attack or harassment, please contact law enforcement. More information at: https://oregoncahc.org/report-a-hate-crimeincident/

Let’s take care of each other.